Reviewing 2022.

Releasing Gibbon: Beyond the Trees in January had a big impact on the rest of my year, as I went on a professional hiatus afterwards. I dramatically cut my working hours at Broken Rules, giving myself space to figure out what comes next. Since then, I've been a happy houseman, maintaining the household and spending a lot of time in the kitchen, cooking, baking and fermenting. I was able to devote more time to family matters, supporting my son and wife in their developments and projects as well as simply enjoying each other's company.

I continued to practice Kung Fu, but stopped going to the dojo often in the second semester. I managed to keep a meditation routine of at least three sessions per week.

Even though there was a lot going on, I perceived the year as much less packed and stressful than previous years and I appreciated the slower tempo. It's been really good to visit my parents for a whole month - I didn't realize how much I missed them. Even though at odds with my ecological values, we might visit them again in 2023.

Covid has slowed down our plans for the house. We haven't started building yet, but the plans are ready for submission. I'm glad we aren't in a hurry, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for 2023.


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