220519 | Revision 2.

An experimental cyberdeck.

RASP/UTIN is the name of an ongoing project started in 2020 with the goal to build a mobile, low power, keyboard-only workstation. It currently is in its second revision.




Mounting the hardware on handcut wooden boards to test size and hardware setup.

200726 | First experiments.
201122 | The first prototype was to test the size and the hardware.

Revision 1

The first proper case was designed in Inkscape, then modelled in Blender and then sent to a wood model store nearby that laser cut the parts.

201222 | The parts were laser cut from 5mm cottonwood boards.
201222 | Removed the case of the SD Card reader to save space.
201222 | Finished revision 1. Practically unusable due to improper fitting.


The cross hatched air slots look nice, but are fragile and broke quickly.

Revision 2

The second revision was directly planned in the vector files - the model didn't get an update.

The size was substantially increased to make plugging USB cables possible. An active heatsink was added increasing the height of the case.
The case was painted and received more attention to details. To prevent scratches and marks I added small bumpers with a glue gun. The hinges were replaced with metal ones and the case layers were glued right from the start.

220504 | The updated parts.
220518 | Replaced the slits with holes.
220519 | Hand painted wooden inserts for the logo.
220519 | Revision 2 finished.


Revision 3

This version has not been produced yet. The SDCard reader is removed altogether and a few minor adjustments werde made to improve stability and comfort.


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