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My workstation is a converted Johann JAX sewing table. It hosts many of my tools, mainly trabant and RASP/UTIN.The machine and the manual drive were removed, leaving the metal frame for stabilization and as a foot rest.

The compartment at the core of the table that used to contain the machine was repurposed for cable management. This allows for only a single power cable leading to the desk keeping it mobile and easy to clean below. The wiring leading out of the compartment to the devices on the table are led through two L-shaped screws in the wall forming a bracket. The computer can easily be unplugged without the cables dropping down behind the table.

A lower board was mounted to rest the keyboard and mouse on. Holes in the table front let the connecting cables disappear inside the desk.
The vertically alignment of all the devices allow me to work in different modes, writing or drawing, while keeping an ergonomic pose and being able to comfortably reach the tools I need.

The manual drive pedal was removed, but the metal frame stayed for stability.
A small trap door reveals the bowels of the table.
The previous location of the workstation in a dark corner of the apartment.

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