A treasure hunt for my son's 6th birthday.

With the police on his heels and a live sentence before his eyes, the bandit captain Hans Huckebein left a message in a bottle for whoever would proof themselves worthy of his secret stash...

As these things go, four pieces of a map needed to be found by decoding messages, finding the right clues and overcoming various other obstacles, such as standing up to the seemingly uninvolved party guest, who turned out to be a long lost decendant of the bandit captian...

All props for the treasure hunt were either hand crafted, bought second hand or borrowed.

The letter and the map.
Four pieces of the map needed to be found in order to attain the final treasure.
A puzzle involved a magnifying glass, a matryoshka doll set and the tiniest clue inside.
Another puzzle that needed solving utilising a mirror to read the words.
For added drama, a fake treasure was included.
The full set of props.