Rinse and repeat.

"Not in his speech, not in his thoughts, I see his greatness, only in his actions, in his life.
Being smart is good, being patient is better."
- Hermann Hesse, Siddhartha

Establishing and sticking to a daily routine helps me from drifting off to places where I loose sight of my surroundings; the bigger picture.
It forces me to consciously make decisions based on given constrains and available resources.

The routine is flexible, mallable and heavily depends on the ever changing variables that define my current situation. At this time, an ideal regular weekday looks like this:

05:00 Wake up
05:05 exercise outside
06:00 meditation or cold shower
06:15 Boil Water, grind coffee, prepare breakfast & lunch boxes
06:55 First round of waking, make beds, get dressed
07:00 Second round of waking
07:05 Breakfast
07:25 Hygiene
07:40 Leave the house
07:45 Drop off AA at school
08:00 Communal garden visit: empty kitchen waste, water bed
08:15 Return to apartment, clean kitchen
08:30 Notes: upcoming tasks, document previous day
08:35 Start working
11:30 Cook lunch.
12:15 Eat
12:30 Houshold Work
14:00 Read, guitar practice or work
15:00 Pick up AA from school
15:30 Spend time with AA or work on projects
17:00 Cook dinner
17:30 Dinner
18:00 Family time
20:00 Evening routine/preparation for bedtime
20:30 meditation
21:00 Bedtime/reading
22:00 Sleep


Daily workout routines.

qi gong

Life energy cultivation.

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