Who am I?

"What's my sex, what's my name, all in all it's all the same. Everybody plays a different game, that is all. Now, man may live, man may die searching for the question why. But if he tries to rule the sky he must fall."
- Cat Stevens, Tuesday's Dead

My name is Clemens Scott and I live with my partner A and our 9 year old son AA in Vienna, Austria.

I go by rostiger online, which stems from an old Viennese slur for people with ginger hair.

I am a co-founder of the independent game studio Broken Rules where I work as a creative director with a traditional focus on visual art. I have been making games professionally since 2007.


What I'm currently working on.


What I believe in.


Values to navigate the world by.


Looking forward.


Rinse and repeat.


How many Sundays can a person enjoy in their life?

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