Who am I?

What's my sex, what's my name, all in all it's all the same. Everybody plays a different game, that is all. Now, man may live, man may die searching for the question why. But if he tries to rule the sky he must fall. Cat Stevens, Tuesday's Dead

My name is Clemens Scott and I live with my partner A and our 7 year old son AA in Vienna, Austria.

I go by rostiger online, which stems from an old Viennese slur for people with ginger hair.

I am a co-founder of the independent game studio Broken Rules where I work as a creative director with a traditional focus on visual art. I have been making games professionally since 2007.


What I'm currently working on.


What I believe in.


Values to navigate the world by.


Looking forward.


Rinse and repeat.


How many Sundays can a person enjoy in their life?

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