Notes on the command line browser.

w3m is a text based terminal browser. It does not support javascript and has only basic image loading. For sites that require more features, w3m offers a shortcut to open the page in an external browser.

In an experimental attempt at minimising online interfacing, I switched to w3m as my primary browser by updating the shortcuts in my i3 configuration. mod+shift+enter now launches w3m, while alt+shift+enter launches Firefox.

Unavailable Shortcuts

There are a couple of unavailable key combinations which makes configuring an intuitive keymap a little difficult e.g. the arrow keys cannot be combined with modifiers such as Shift, Control or Alt.

To navigate the address field, use terminal shortcuts, most commonly Crtl+U to delete the current address.

Function Descriptions

To configure w3m's shortcuts, edit '~/.w3m/keymap'. To understand the function names consult /usr/share/w3m/w3mhelp-funcdesc.en.pl.


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