A command line based e-mail client

Neomutt can view, sort and edit locally stored emails. It is based on Mutt, but includes all the patches that have been made over the years.

I extended Neomutt with additional software for particular features:

mbsync sync IMAP mailboxes
msmtp send emails
micro compose emails
ripmime extract attachments
urlscan browse URLs
khard manage contacts


Neomutt consists of three main parts: the sidebar containing the mailboxes and directories, the index showing messages of the current folder and the page showing the message content.

Moving Messages

When saving messages to another directory, they are copied copied to the destination and marked for deletion in the original location. To make the message actually disappear, the mailbox needs to be synced using the Tab shortcut.

To move multiple messages, e.g. all messages in a thread, they need to be tagged and then moved.


up/down move between messages
enter display message
Ctl+up/down scroll message
Tab save changes to mailbox
Shift+up/down Move between folders
Shift+right Open folder
y Change folder
a Archive message
i Move message to inbox
space Toggle Thread
o Receive emails
r Reply to message
R Reply to all
m Compose new message
d Delete Message
t Tag Message
; Apply next command to all tagged messages
D~A Mark all messages in folder for deletion.
v View attachments
s Save attachments
Tab Save mailbox


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