230508 | Dessert time!

Sweet buckwheat dumplings

6 Portions | 30 minutes

Soba manju are sweet buckwheat dumplings, traditionally filled with anko, a sweet paste made of Azuki beans (and heaps of sugar).
Alternatively they can be filled with anything you like, such as wild berries, jams, etc.).


Put sugar with water in a bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves.
Add flours, baking soda and poppy seeds and mix until it becomes a homogenous dough.
Dust the working area with flour and take the dough out of the bowl.
Shape the dough to a longish form and cut it to six pieces.
Form a ball from each piece and press it into a flat pancake shape.
Put a spoon full of filling into the center of the dumpling, wrap the dough around it and close it tightly at the top.
Boil some water in a pot and line the steaming basket with a sheet of baking paper or a linen cloth.
Put the dumplings in the basket with the seam on the bottom side and steam them for 10 minutes in high heat.

Hint: to prevent the dumplings from sticking to the surface you can grease them at the bottom with a drop of neutral oil.
At first the dough is dry, but it becomes moist and sticky.
Only use extra flour when needed.
The middle of the circle is thicker than the edges.