An ET-2720 printer with re-fillable ink tanks.

3in1 printer bought second hand in 2019.


Print from command line

lp filename

Adjust columns per inch and lines per inch to control output size.

lp -o cpi=14 -o lpi=8 filename

Cancel all print jobs

cancel -a

I added a bash function to .bash_aliases for a printing template:

lpt() { margin=60; marginTB=30 lp -o cpi=14 -o lpi=8 -o page-top=$marginTB -o page-left=$margin -o page-bottom=$marginTB -o page-right=$margin -t "$1" $1; }

Refilling the Tanks

Simply open the lid and fill the corresponding color tank with ink up to the top most line. In the printer menu, head to Maintenance>Reset Ink Level and follow the navigation.

Power Cleaning

The printer like to skip lines which aren't fixed with the regular cleaning programs and require a "power cleaning".

Turn off the printer and press the ? button. Keeping it pressed, press the power button until the green ring starts blinking.

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