An ET-2720 printer with re-fillable ink tanks.

3in1 printer bought second hand in 2019.

Install Generic drivers

sudo apt install cups

In the Gnome settings, select the printer and set it as the default printer.

If the host can't be located, try

service cups-browsed restart
service cups restart


Print from command line

lp filename

Adjust columns per inch and lines per inch to control output size.

lp -o cpi=14 -o lpi=8 filename

Cancel all print jobs

cancel -a

I added a bash function to .bash_aliases for a printing template:

lpt() { margin=60; marginTB=30 lp -o cpi=14 -o lpi=8 -o page-top=$marginTB -o page-left=$margin -o page-bottom=$marginTB -o page-right=$margin -t "$1" $1; }

Refilling the Tanks

Simply open the lid and fill the corresponding color tank with ink up to the top most line. In the printer menu, head to Maintenance>Reset Ink Level and follow the navigation.

Power Cleaning

The printer like to skip lines which aren't fixed with the regular cleaning programs and require a "power cleaning".

Turn off the printer and press the ? button. Keeping it pressed, press the power button until the green ring starts blinking.

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