An ortholinear keyboard with 60 keys.

For day to day work on trabant I use the OLKB Preonic v3, a 5x12 orthographic keyboard with Gateron Aliaz Silent MX mechanical switches and the Acute keycap set.

It runs the QMK firmware that allows custom key mapping. To do so, the firmware along the configuration file are compiled and flashed onto the keyboard. To install QMK CLI run:

python3 -m pip install --user qmk

Clone the qmk_firmware repository. Then run the setup with the repository as a path and install all dependencies:

qmk setup -H /path/to/qmk/

Set the default configuration:

qmk config user.keyboard=preonic/rev3 user.keymap=rostiger

Note: If the user configuration doesn't write over the ini file, open $HOME/.config/qmk/qmk.ini and enter the information manually:

qmk_home = /home/rostiger/projects/keyboards/qmk
keyboard = preonic/rev3
keymap = rostiger

Use the online configuration tool to configure the mapping to your liking, name it preonic/rev3/rostiger and download the .json file. Store the file at qmk/keyboards/preonic/keymaps/rostiger/rostiger.json.

Navigate to the above directory and convert the json file to C:

qmk json2c rostiger.json > keymap.c

Build the keymap layout and flash the keyboard by running

qmk compile

If the build was successful, use a pin to push the reset button on the underside of the PCB. This will put the keyboard in flash mode. It is not functional in this mode and must not be unplugged.

Now flash the keyboard:

qmk flash