210115 | Sketch from a video thumbnail on their website.

An oddly specific dream.

I coincidentally met two kids in their late teens/early twenties sharing a room at some weekend seminar. One was a brunet with a mushroom cut and glasses, the other had tousled blonde hair, wore a turtle neck and jeans. They were kind of hip kids, making lo-fi websites and lo-fi music. Their main website had a pink background with yellow links.
They had all kinds of short, self hosted videos on it, where they played little songs together with different instruments.

Despite our age difference, we got along instantly and started jamming on a mandolin and some hacked hardware. We had a really good time.
We went outside and they started riding on tiny skateboards, barely as large as one of their feet.
They pulled the tiniest tricks with them - ollies, short grinds, tiny kickflips.
Back in the room I said that I'd have to go and we exchanged numbers to stay in touch.

I woke up, opened my eyes and wondered who they were. I couldn't distinguish if they were real or not. It felt like I remembered them from some real life event...
I was determined to look them up in my address book, but realised I didn't have their name.

Drifting away again, I appeared in a dark seminar room, night lit through the slits of the shades covering a large window. The kid with the mushroom cut sat at a desk right next to me. I could only make out their silhouette, but I knew it was them.
'Hey again.' I said, 'It's been cool to hang out with you last weekend. Thanks for putting up with this grumpy old man. What's your name?'
They smiled and said: 'Fabian Delursi.'