Every problematic behavior is a hidden skill that happens at the wrong place, at the wrong time or with the wrong person.

The "energy pattern" model describes four behavior archetypes that of which one is said to be aquired by a person at a young age in order to attain attention from their parents.
As a person grows up they learn additional patterns, but the initial pattern remains as a fall back strategy in stress or panic situations. Every pattern has tenedencies towards specific skills as well as challenges that can be overcome as a personality develops.

Care Taker // Know-it-all

Skills Challenges
Being responsible, preserving, dependable, caring, leading, visionary, big picture Asking (for help), forgiving, delegating, being weak, playing, enjoying, being at ease, being led or managed

Lionheart // Aggressor

Skills Challenges
Standing up against injustice, externalizing feelings, advocating, being assertive, powerful and rebellious Finding their place, being patient, abstaining, forgiving and reconciling, accepting a "no", being at ease and being responsible with joy

Charmer // Child

Skills Challenges
Enjoying, inspiring, instilling enthusiasm, playing, being creative, motivating others, accepting Caring for others, being responsible with joy, seeing the big picture, planning, leading, finishing, being depenable, decision making

Observer // Draw Back

Skills Challenges
Concentrating, enjoying alone-time, being invisible, being patient, letting others be externalizing feelings, closeness and togetherness, being responsible with joy, showing themselves, forgiving and reconciling, working in a team, carrying out conflicts