The drama of the modern world.

"Power manifests itself in the extension of our world reach."
- Hartmut Rosa

Notes taken from Unverf├╝gbarkeit.

Modern civilisation is compelled to create availability.
It is culturally, institutionally and structurally directed to make every aspect of life calculable, predictable and controlable: by scientific discovery, political control and economic efficiency.

Paradoxically, aliveness, affection and true experiences can only arise from encounters with the unavailable.

Humans seek resonance: experiences that touch and transform them. Listening to a beautiful piece of music or looking at a serene landscape are the moments that we experience as true.

Resonance constitues four attributes:

"Our eyes are resonance windows.
To look someone in the eyes and feel their response is to resonate."
- Hartmut Rosa

In our longing for resonance, we created a cultural drive to make the world available to us. Everything we interact with becomes a point of aggression that must be learned, conquered, ruled over or made to be used.

A society is perceived as modern when it can only stabilize itself dynamically. That is, when it can keep up its institutional status quo of continuous economical growth, technological advancement und cultural innovation.

The four dimensions and institutions to make the world available are:

Tragically, obtaining availability creates alienation. The world demystifies and becomes silent. Resonance eludes us because the sole purpose of nature has become a resource to commodify.

This development is the deeply irrational result of a cendentary, occidental rationalisation process.

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