210409 - Level design sketch

A gravity based board game about navigating inside dungeon caves.

Sinpin is a game for 2-4 players I developed together with my son. I is a word in Toki Pona that means 'wall'.

The goal is to reach the exit, grabbing as many gems as possible on the way out. The player with the most gems by the end wins.

The game can be played on a single sheet of squared DIN A4 paper. The page is split into 3x3 squares grid, each representing a single field.


Each player choses an avatar and receives 6 movement point cards, valueing from 1 to 6.

A level contains up to 16 gems, 8 webs and 4 question marks that are placed individually by each player in turns, starting with the webs. They may only be placed on vaccant fields. Chests and hearts are placed on the corresponding fields of the level map.

All remaining hearts, gems, webs and 2 small ghost cards are placed inside the larger box.

Fox, Goat, Mouse and Penguin


Movement cards



Special Fields

Whenever players pass a special field, an action is triggered immediately.


The ghost starts at the entry door and is moved by each player after they moved their avatar by the same amount of points as the movement card they played. The ghost can move across all fields, but can only go left, right and down, never up and now lower than the exit door. If the ghost catches a player, they loose all their hearts and are thrown out of the game. Players removed from the game are still allowed to control the ghost at their turn. The ghost is 4 squares in size, but 1 movement point means moving only 1 square.

Two level sketches to test the game with.

Löve2d Implementation

The game has been implemented using Love2d.


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