Nokia 215 (RM-1110)

In 2020 I switched form a smart phone to a feature phone and I didn't regret it. It does exactly two things: make calls and write messages.

Since my mp3 player broke, I'm also using it as a music player now.


Syncing contacts

Plug the phone to the computer and copy contents of all .vcf files to a file called backup.dat using the script conSync

The contacts file needs to be synced to Backup/backups.dat

On the phone, choose Settings > Backup > Restore Backup > Contacts

The phone will reboot and the contacts are imported.

Previous models

The Nokia 150 Dual Sim (RM-1190) from 2017. Discontinued due to bad UX & hardware issues.
The Nokia 130 (RM-1037) from 2013. Discontinued due to loss.


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