Logbook is a personal time tracking tool.

Logbook is written in C89 ANSI C and parses data stored in a text file called logs.md using the Indental format.

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The #tag in the the description is a historical artefact from the original JS version of Logbook that currently isn't being utilised and probably won't be in the near future.

Logook is accompanied by an i3bars blocklet written in bash that tracks the time and writes it to the logfile.


The logs reside in the same folder as the binary, there is no configuration file. If you want to change the location of the logfile, you'll need to change the LOGPATH constant in main.c on line 7 and compile the code.


Originally Logbook was written in Javascript with a much more complex interface and filtering features.
After a year of tracking myself I realised that I couldn't gather any further insights from the way the system was designed. I re-wrote Logbook in ANSI C to learn the language, but also to simplify the tool to what I actually need. This way it is faster, lighter and doesn't need a browser to be used.

The original javascript version was released 200124


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