Masanobu Fukuoka

On the principles of natural farming.

Notes taken from Der Gro├če Weg hat kein Tor.

Masanobu Fukuoka was a philosopher and pioneer of natural farming and re-vegetating desertified land. His method is referred to as the "do-nothing-farming".

Fukuoka's four principles of natural farming

No tilling the soil

The soil cultivates itself through permeation of plant roots, the activity of microorganisms and small animals such as earthworms

No chemical fertilizer or processed compost

Ground cover of white clover, threshed straw and some poultry dung is enough.

No weed control through cultivation or herbicides

Weeds play their role in the balance of nature. One should keep them under control instead of eliminating them. Use straw-mulch, saw white clover between fruits and occasional flooding is sufficient.

No dependency on chemicals

The reasonable way to control sickness and insects is to grow robust plants in a healthy environment.

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