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210512 ‐ Strung up garden lovage to dry.
210511 ‐ Another Tempeh day. Soaked pearl barley with oyster mushrooms, mungo sprouts, onion, fresh spinach and garlic chive from the garden. Topped with hempseeds.
210510 ‐ Haven't had Tempeh in years. Made it with jasmin rice, oyster mushrooms, mungo sprouts, onion, carrots and left over piece of Tofu. Sprinkled with fresh chive. Leaf salad with mom's vinaigrette.
210508 ‐ Looking out the window.
210507 ‐ New books.
210506 ‐ Finally the fresh vegetable season starts again! Wild garlic buds in olive oil pre-lunch snack.
210505 ‐ Hello there, friends! A is sprouting tomatoes, zucchini and butternut pumpkins.
210504 ‐ Started working on a new wallet.
210503 ‐ Roasted spices, onions and shimeji mushrooms. Cooked them with yellow lentils, buckwheat, mungo beans. Sprinkled with fresh chive.
210502 ‐ Picked some wild tulips from our plot.
210501 ‐ Painted the bedroom wall.
210430 ‐ Learned how to bake bread with A's guidance. I owe the fantastic result to her years of bread making experience.
210429 ‐ Roasted red bell pepper, onions, carrots, oyster mushrooms, mungo bean sprouts, whole spinach and lamb's lettuce leaves. Seasoned with soy sauce and topped with white sesame seeds. Cooking duration ~12 minutes.
210428 ‐ Built a custom transportation box for the bike trailer.
210426 ‐ Made Maki rolls and had a living room picknick. AA invited Domo for lunch.
210417 ‐ AA's rebellion against COVID: no social distancing on the party boat!
210415 ‐ Hacked the clothing lines by replacing the wires with hemp strings.
210412 ‐ Made wild garlic pesto.
210411 ‐ Went for a hike with AA and picked coltsfoot (Huflattich).
210410 ‐ First test runs with friends and kids.
210409 ‐ Drew a sprite sheet for sinpin.
210408 ‐ Started working on a board game called Sinpin.
210407 ‐ Customized the key mapping for the OLKB preonic.
210406 ‐ Got a reanimated bike.
210331 ‐ Added notes and rules for classic board games.
210329 ‐ Implemented custom markdown support for the wiki.
210322 ‐ Assembled the OLKB Preonic.
210321 ‐ Got my first paper calendar since over 15 years!
210320 ‐ Released C re-write of logbook.
210319 ‐ Replaced my smartphone with a used Nokia 130.
210318 ‐ Sold bluetooth headphones and replaced them with a pair of used, wired AIAIAI.
210316 ‐ Got a used bike trailer.
210315 ‐ Fixed the MP3 power supply.
210313 ‐ Aquired a used soldering station.
210307 ‐ Re-wrote the wiki in C based on Oscean.
210304 ‐ Added notes on the algorithms used to solve a Rubicks cube to the wiki.
210228 ‐ A Simple meal for a simple mind. Roased oyster mushrooms, red onion and celery cabgage with white rice sprinkled with black and white sesame seeds. Accompanied by almond paste and soy sauce dip.
210301 ‐ Clear sunrise on the first of March 2021.
210227 ‐ Aquired a used foldable chess board the other day.
210225 ‐ Added notes from the book One Straw Revolution to the wiki.
210115 ‐ I had an oddly specific dream last night.
201228 ‐ Spent the new year house sitting.
201226 ‐ Updated my workspace again.
201223 ‐ Endless fractals romanesco.
201219 ‐ Built a new lid for a tea strainer.
201212 ‐ Created UI mockups for khal.
201128 ‐ Scavenged for advent wreath material today.
201122 ‐ Laser cut a case prototype for Rasputin.
201120 ‐ Went out to forage rose hips.
201011 ‐ Desktop aesthetics.
201004 ‐ Went for a hike around Wotruba church.
201002 ‐ Inherited a coffee grinder that got a much needed restauration.
200929 ‐ Made. So. Much. Preserves.
200926 ‐ Spent the weekend harvesting fruits.
200923 ‐ Stocked up on goods from the packaging free store.
200921 ‐ Fixed our tea strainer today.
200920 ‐ Removed the case and added new buttons to the MP3 player.
200919 ‐ Ventured through Vienna today to obtain a used MP3 player.
200918 ‐ Made laundry detergent from chestnuts.
200917 ‐ Today we'll have Mushrooms for dinner.
200905 ‐ Inherited a beautiful Penzel Müller Clarinette built ca. 1920.
200827 ‐ Converted an old sewing table into a workspace.
200820 ‐ Added a photo album from our camping trip to Waldenstein.
200708 ‐ Added a new photo album from our hike in the Hagenbach Klamm.
200626 ‐ Added a photo album from our vacation in Lignano.
200603 ‐ Added a black and white photo album.
200516 ‐ Added a photo album.
200508 ‐ Built a forest hideout with my son.
200507 ‐ Pictures from the lockdown 2020.
200505 ‐ Got a used FujiX100T.

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