Broken Rules is a game development studio and creative collective based in Vienna.

The studio was founded in 2009, following the success and attention gained with And Yet It Moves, an early example of the new wave of "indie" games.

The studio is a permanent resident of the Q21 inside the MuseumsQuartier, the largest contemporary art and culture hub located in the heart of Vienna.

I joined the studio as co-founder in 2010 with the intent to become finanicially sustainable creating games of my own choosing.

During breaks between studio releases, I collaborated with game developers around the world in various disciplines

vienna all tomorrows

A theater game installation

old mans journey

170518 | A video game about life, love and loss.


150824 | Interface design, animation, typeface and logo.


170816 | A Mega Man inspired procedural platformer


141201 | A VR hacking puzzle game


151030 | A cardboard cabinet

secrets of raetikon

140417 | An explorative adventure game about the dream of flight

chasing aurora

121111 | A local multiplayer game for the Wii U


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