Rasputin201223 | Building a small travel computer.

Rasputin is the name of an ongoing project to build a keyboard only, low power, mobile workstation. It currently is in it's second prototype iteration. The third iteration will hopefully yield a case that can be used in a longer test production phase.



Prototype 1

Mounting the hardware on handcut woodden boards to test size and hardware setup.

Prototype 2

The second prototype case was designed in Inscape and modelled in Blender and sent to a wood model store nearby that offers laser cutting services.
SVGs 1 | 2 | 3


The case is not quite ready for a longer test run yet. Some things need to be adapted to make it usable.

Prototype 3

Prototype 3 is currently in development.


The first prototype was to test the size and the hardware.
The parts were laser cut from 5mm cottonwood boards.
The cross hatched air slots look nice, but are fragile and broke quickly.
Removed the case of the SD Card reader to save space.