Photography200529 | Notes on photography fundamentals.

The three pillars are Apterture (Blende), Shutter Speed (Verschlusszeit) and the ISO value. All three influence the brightness of the image and need to be balanced with another.


The size the lens is opening, controlling how much light enters the camera.
Represented through the f-stop value: f/2.8 - large - more light, depth of field "shallow focus" effect
f/16 - smaller - less light, darker, sharp image

Shutter Speed

Duration the camera shutter is open, exposing light onto the sensor.
Measured in fractions of a second. Longer - motion blur Shorter - freeze motion


Originally defined film sensitivity but is now used to handle the brightness of the image.
Higher ISO increases brightness, but adds more noise.
Lower ISO creates a darker image, but with less noise.