Peace PrayerA meditation

by Sabine Lichtenfels from the movie 'A New We'

Where there was pain, let healing awaken.
Where there was anger, let the power for change emerge.
Where there was fear, let safety and trust grow.
Where there were enemies, let the awakening of mutual compassion begin.
Where there was opression, let freedom reign.
Where nations were devided, let sympathy for planet earth lead to shared responsibility.

We have come as a reminder.
If we want planet earth to survive, then all the walls of separation must fall.
The walls between people.
Between Israel and Palestine.
Between Europe and Africa.
Between the so called first and third world.
And likewise, the walls that we have errected within our own psyches.
The walls between the genders and the walls between the humans and all creatures.

May all displaced people find a home.
May the pure indigenous wisdom and source gain recognition and respect.
May the people who are willing to risk their lives for thruth and justice receive the protection they need.

May the voice of justice and truth and compassion and solidarity with all beings be heard all over the world.
And may this spread and become a powerful movement that stands for the protection for life on planet earth.
May the seed of peace communities blossom and the first self sufficient communities be a sign and show that it is possible to develop societal systems which resonate with the the universal laws of love and compassion, of truth and abundance of life.
May we become carriers of hope for all who come after us.
May we set visible signs which show that eternal life will win over all systems of wrong power, of destruction and exploitation.

We have come as a reminder of original beauty and truth of life.
Every living being has a right to be free and to unfold.
A right to love and a right to genuine truth and trust.

Let us set examples of overcoming violence wherever we are.
Let us stand up for life and for love so that fear can vanish on earth.
Let us form a worldwide circle of power to safeguard all creation.

In the name of all those who had to give their lives.
In the name of justice and truth.
In the name of all that has skin and fur.
In the name of all creatures.
In the name of GRACE and the movement for a free earth.

May this prayer or something better come true.
Thank you and amen.