Linux GuidesA list of Linux guides on topics I learned the hard way.

Linux is free as in freedom.
It offers users the freedom to use, adapt and develop the system in any way they please.

Freedom is a double sided sword.
While there is a plethora of tools and options to choose from, there are a lot of inconsistencies in how software is developed and to be used.

Prepare to get cut.
Users new to Linux need to be willing to spend time with their operating system, stay curious, educate themselves and be stubborn enough to not give up at one of the many frustrating obstacles they will undoubtly come across.

Even though that might sound off-putting, I gain a lot of satisfaction from using Linux and find it one of the most worthwhile endeavours I have undertaken in my digital life.

Here is a small list of guides on topics that I learned the hard way.

Unity Setup

Setting up Unity on Ubuntu has a few pitfalls. This guide explains how I got it up and running.

Using pass with an existing database

Solutions to problems during pass database migration


How to add any file to the application launcher

Raspi Wifi

Setting up WiFi on a Raspberry Pi

Raspi Hyper Pixel

Setting up a HyperPixel display on a Raspberry Pi