LinuxNotes on the unix based operating system.

I am currently using Ubuntu 20.04 LTS on a ThinkPad P50. For more information on my hardware and software setup, please see the list of tools.


Basic command line tools needed for every day usage.

cmd Description
cd change directory
ls lists directory content
mv move/rename file
cp copy file
man shows the manual of a program
sudo execute command as priviledged user


rsync stands for "remote sync" and is a remote and local file synchronisation program.

rsync $source $destination


a - archive/preserve permissions/recurse
v - verbose output (doesn't work with --info=progress2)
t - preserve modification time
u - update (skip files newer on the receiver)
P - show file progress
n - dry run
h - human readable file sizes
z - compression during transfer


A .tar.gz file is a container archive. It can bundle multiple files into one. To compress the package content, an additional programm such as gzip is needed.

tar xvzf file.tar.gz


x - tells tar to extract the files
v - verbose (outputs process information to the command line)
z - tells tar to uncompress the files
f - tells tar that a file name is provided


To install .deb files use

sudo dpkg --install packagename.deb


cmus is a command line based music player.


x - play
c - pause
v - stop
z - previous track
b - next track
/ - search
n - search next
N - search previous
u - update cache
M - toggle play library/playlist
s - toggle shuffle
o - toggle shuffle album
y - copy selected tracks to playlist
t - toggle remaining time
r - toggle repeat
^R- toggle repeat current

Playlist Editing

p - move track down
P - move track up
D - remove track


:add [-l] [-p] <file|dir>
 Add file/dir/url/playlist to the specified view or the current view.
 -l add to library
 -p add to playlist

:clear [-l] [-p] [-q]
 Remove all tracks from the specified view or the current view.
 -l clear library
 -p clear playlist
 -q clear play queue

:pl-rename <name>
 Renames the selected playlist

:pl-create <name>
 Creates a new playlist

 Clear track selection


To switch the default active/inactive row highlighting, set these options

set color_win_inactive_sel_fg=default
set color_win_inactive_sel_bg=blue
set color_win_sel_bg=white
set color_win_sel_fg=black
set color_win_cur_sel_fg=blue
set color_win_cur_sel_bg=white

Linux Guides

A list of Linux guides on topics I learned the hard way.