Tiny Repairs200920 | Shifting focus

School started two weeks ago.
Andrea started teaching again and Aaron has entered the educational system.
I'm currently taking over a lot of the household and I'm quite enjoying myself.

I made a lot of small improvements to the appartment, especially the kitchen, where I spend a lot more time in.

A new old music player

In an continuous effort to replace functionality that fell in responsibility of my smartphone for the past 10 years, I got a tiny mp3 player. It's a cheap noname piece I got used for 3EUR.

I removed the casing, added five tiny dots of glue to improve the button tactility and feel happy to never have to wrangle with bluetooth connectivity issues just to listen to music while washing the dishes.

Picking up the player led me to Gersthof, a nice residential area in Vienna.

Small wodden panel made from an old branch Aaron once brought inside.
Andrea brought dinner from the forest.