Data Detox200807 | Re-gaining control over my photo library


In a continuous effort to re-gain control over my data, pulling it out of large corporate structures, I decided to tackled my iCloud photo library.

The photo library contained over 6400 photos spanning over the last decade.

Not surprising in hindsight, but to my dismay at the time, I realized that all of the Apple library meta data, most importantly album information, is proprietary.
All I got were the original image files without any structure.

I spent a few days sorting through the images, deleting all duplicates, blurred or otherwise dispensable pictures. The remaining 980 files were manually sorted in the format


where MMDD always is the starting date when the albums spans multiple days.

To specify the dates I downloaded ExifTool and added it as a plugin/shortcut to nnn.

Furthermore I added a preview plugin to nnn to allow me to easily preview the images.
To make the plugins available, I added the following line to my .bashrc:

export NNN_PLUG='p:preview-tabbed;i:_exiftool $nnn;s:mediainf $nnn'

The shortcuts for the plugins are

;i    Display exif information
;p    Open new i3 tab previewing an image


At the same time, I decided it was time to make backing up data more comfortable and wrote a bash script that uses rsync to backup data from the home directory.

It can either backup a list of directories specified inside the script or backup folders by manually specifing them when calling the script.

Currently I'm backing up to a SDCard. I plan to switch to something more reliable in the future.

You can find the source code of the script on Source Hut.

Anchors Updates

Besides minor updates on various pages, two larger portions were completed.

Responsive Images

I continued to work on responsive images. Cover images now only load the size they need for their current viewport size.
Instead of adding the required parameters to .eleventy.js, I created a separate .json file in the _data directory.
It contains the following parameters that handle the different image sizes:


Photo Albums

Resulting the work on my photo library, I added four new photo albums to Anchors:

The photos were taken between 2017 and 2018, while I was traveling under the banner of Broken Rules, showcasing Old Man's Journey.

I wrote another bash script to make adding albums faster.

It reads the name and files from an image folder and creates a .md file with the appropriate name and content.

Find the source code on Source Hut.


I updated the batchResize script to remove exif data, limit the images to a max resolution of 1200 and rotate images properly.


As usual, there are always things left to do:

Other Updates

I re-activated my old Kindle Reader that I got as a present years ago.
I am using it mostly with open ebooks and without an Amazon account.

Since the Kindle doesn't support the epub format, I downloaded Calibre to convert the files and load them onto the device.