Navigation & Infrastructure200703 | Learning about SSH and Source Hut

Anchors Updates

Much has happened in the past few days:

I ditched the eleventy navigation plugin and wrote my own instead. The main reason is that I could remove a lot of redundant front matter that way and simplify things a bit.

Now the navigation is completely based on the folder structure.
Each subfolder contains a .json file tagging the files it contains, thus adding it to a collection. This way I can parse all the content of a subfolder and display it in a list.

Things that are still missing:

SSH Access

I had some amount of success setting up the server infrastructure. I generated a ssh key for the webserver using

ssh-keygen -t ~/.ssh/rsa_id-servername

After manually creating ~/.ssh/authorized_keys on the webserver and setting it's permissions according to the manual, I was able to upload the public key using

ssh-copy-id -i ~/.ssh/ serverName

To be able to use serverName in the above command, I added the host data to the config file in the local .ssh folder:

Host serverName
User username
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/id_rsa-hosteurope

Souce Hut

I've decided that I'll host the git repository of nchrs on source hut.

To do so, I set up another ssh key combination and uploaded the contents of my public key to their server. This allows me to create repositories and push commits using

Before pushing the local repository to source hut, I renamed the 'master' branch to 'main' using

git branch -m master main

I plan on moving over my other repositories from GitHub at some point, and renaming their default branches as well to adapt to a cultural rectification process of an inappropriate terminology.

Next Steps

When connecting to the webhost through SSH, the terminal still prompts for a password.
I am unsure why, but will hopefully figure it out eventually.

I'm planning to let deploy updates to the repository automatically in the future.
There is still some research involved on how to achive this.

Links I found interesting this week: