GrayscalesSeries of procreate drawings done during a vacation in Croatia.

A young archery master about to put three arrows on her bow.
A young archery master.
An old tribal lady with a bag full of herbs. She holds a walking stick in her right, a flower in her left.
The village elder collecting herbs in the mountains.
An elderly man with a large mustache and even larger eyebrows sitting at his working desk. There are piles of old books around him. He uses a quilt in his right and a magnifying glass in his left hand to work on the content of the giant tombe in front of him. He disapprovingly looks at the smartphone vibrating next to him.
Ever since his niece got him a telephone the old historian can keep in touch with the family, but he just can’t figure out how to turn off the notifications.
A young witch at in front of her cauldron.
The young witch.